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Wearable Gait Recognition Systems Based on MEMS Pressure and Inertial Sensors

March 20 2023

Experimental Demonstration of Accurate Noncontact Measurement of Arterial Pulse Wave Displacements Using 79-GHz Array Radar

March 13 2023

Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing With the TacTip: A Review

March 6 2023

Wireless Power and Data Transmission for Implanted Devices via Inductive Links: A Systematic Review

February 27 2023

Multi-Sensor Complex Network Data Fusion Under the Condition of Uncertainty of Coupling Occurrence Probability

February 20 2023

Swin-Depth: Using Transformers and Multi-Scale Fusion for Monocular-Based Depth Estimation

February 13 2023

Chipless RFID Sensors for Wearable Applications: A Review

February 6 2023

Realistic LiDAR With Noise Model for Real-Time Testing of Automated Vehicles in a Virtual Environment

January 30 2023

Design and Realization of Wide Field-of-View 3D MEMS LiDAR

January 23 2023

Polymer Optical Fiber Liquid Level Sensor: A Review

January 19 2023

Recent Applications of Different Microstructure Designs in High Performance Tactile Sensors: A Review

January 9 2023

Fundamentals and Advancements of Topology Discovery in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks: A Review

January 2 2023

Susceptibility of Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels With Embedded Magnetic Microparticles for Inductively Wireless Chemical Sensing

December 19 2022

Flexible Strain and Temperature Sensing NFC Tag for Smart Food Packaging Applications

December 12 2022

Artificial Intelligence-Based Sensors for Next Generation IoT Applications: A Review

December 5 2022

A Novel Angle Estimation for mmWave FMCW Radars Using Machine Learning

December 1 2022

Textile-Based Pressure Sensors for Monitoring Prosthetic-Socket Interfaces

November 21 2022

Nonanal Sensor Fabrication Using Aldol Condensation Reaction Inside Alkali-Resistant Porous Glass

November 15 2022

Contact and Remote Breathing Rate Monitoring Techniques: A Review

November 1 2022

A Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier With Built-in Anti-Aliasing for Hall Sensors

November 1 2022

Dielectrics for Non-Contact ECG Bioelectrodes: A Review

October 3 2022

Portable Tools for COVID-19 Point-of-Care Detection: A Review

October 1 2022

A Hybrid Camera System for High-Resolutionization of Target Objects in Omnidirectional Images

October 1 2022

Blockchain-Federated-Learning and Deep Learning Models for COVID-19 Detection Using CT Imaging

September 1 2022

Multifunctional Electronic Skin With a Stack of Temperature and Pressure Sensor Arrays

September 1 2022

NO2 Gas Sensor Using Iodine Doped Graphene at Room Temperature with Electric Field Enhanced Recovery

August 2 2022

Using Adaptive Wireless Transmission of Wearable Sensor Device for Target Heart Rate Monitoring of Sports Information

August 1 2022

A Novel Differential Capacitive Humidity Sensor on SIW Re-Entrant Cavity Microwave Resonators With PEDOT:PSS Film

July 1 2022

Design and Evaluation of a Haptic Robot-Assisted Catheter Operating System With Collision Protection function

July 1 2022

Self-Powered Cardiac Monitoring: Maintaining Vigilance With Multi-Modal Harvesting and E-Textiles

June 6 2022

Respiratory Monitoring During Physical Activities with a Multi-Sensor Smart Garment and Related Algorithms

June 1 2022

Optimization of Sports Training Systems Based on Wireless Sensor Networks Algorithms

A Linear Slope Analyzing Strategy of GMR Sensor Transfer Curve for Static Detection of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Electronic Waste Reduction through Devices and Printed Circuit Boards designed for Circularity

April 11 2022

Design, Development and Characterization of Textile Stitch-Based Piezoresistive Sensors for Wearable Monitoring

April 8 2022

Miniaturized System for Tumor Cell Detection and Differentiation

April 1 2022

Portable Sensing Devices for Detection of COVID-19: A Review

April 1 2022

A PCA-based method to select the number and the body location of piezoresistive sensors in a wearable system for respiratory monitoring

March 1 2022

A Wearable, Multimodal Sensing System to Monitor Knee Joint Health

March 1 2022

Janus: A Combined Radar and Vibration Sensor for Beehive Monitoring

February 1 2022

Graphene Sensors

February 1 2022

Environmental Monitoring Systems: A Review

January 1 2022

Lock-in Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras: A Survey

January 1 2022

Overview of Automotive Sensors

December 1 2021

Inertial Sensor Technology Trends

December 1 2021

A Wireless, Passive Carbon Nanotube-Based Gas Sensor

November 1 2021

Multi-Sensor Chip for Monitoring Key Parameters in Bioprocesses

November 1 2021

Experimental Environments for the Internet of Things: A Review

October 1 2021

Distributed Odor Source Localization

October 1 2021

Instrumented Hip Implant: A Review

September 1 2021

Silicon piezoresistive stress sensors and their application in electronic packaging

September 1 2021

Human Activity Recognition With Smartphone and Wearable Sensors Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Review

August 3 2021

Wearable Flexible Sensors: A Review

August 2 2021

Technologies for Printing Sensors and Electronics Over Large Flexible Substrates: A Review

July 3 2021

Flexible Wireless Antenna Sensor: A Review

July 2 2021

Sensitive Skin

June 5 2021

Pattern Analysis for Machine Olfaction: A Review

June 2 2021

Light-Based Indoor Positioning System A Review

May 29 2021

Utilizing Blockchain to Overcome Cyber Security Concerns in the Internet of Things

May 22 2021

Consumer Grade EEG measuring sensors as research tools: A Review

April 12 2021

Visual Sensors Hardware Platforms: A Review

March 17 2021

Sensory Systems in Micro-Processor Controlled Prosthetic Leg: A Review

February 13 2021

Developing Next-Generation Brain Sensing Technologies—A Review

January 6 2021

Sensors and Systems for Wearable Environmental Monitoring Toward IoT-Enabled Applications: A Review

December 21 2020

Fire Sensing Technologies: A Review

November 9 2020

Sensing as a Service: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions

October 5 2020
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