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About IEEE Sensors Alert

IEEE Sensors Alert is an online digest which will post monthly four to five articles. These articles will primarily be the condensed versions of the selected research papers published in one of our Journals. These journals could be our 100% sponsored (such as IEEE Sensors Journal and IEEE Sensors Letters ) or co-sponsored journals (such as IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, IEEE Transactions on Big Data, IEEE Transactions on Games, The Journal on Miniaturization for Air and Space Systems and IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics) or even our member-societies' journals. The summary of the selected papers you read here is re-produced by either appointed technical writers or even by the original authors.

The objective is to provide the sensor enthusiasts with a one-stop destination to know about the evolution of sensors, sensing systems and sensor technologies of their interest. It will give you a 50-75 words teaser of the topic and a 400-500 words condensed article as well in a lucid and layman’s language which will make your reading a pleasure. We believe that in this format the IEEE Sensors Alert ezine will make sense to a large segment of the users, including practicing engineers, scientists, technology professionals, industry managers and executives, and even pre-university and university students. Each article will also give the IEEE Xplore link of the original research paper. It will also give you the link of some similar articles for quick reference.

This online digest is in its beta phase. It is being developed under the new initiative of IEEE Sensors Council.

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