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General Guideline for the Technical Writers


  • We expect you to write a teaser (60-70 words) followed by a condensed version (450-500 words) of the assigned research papers.
  • Please mention the words in the bracket of your teaser and condensed version of the assigned research paper.
  • The teaser and the opening paragraphs should not be the same or similar. The opening paragraph of the condensed version should be in continuation of the teaser but shouldn't convey the same things. We assume that people will read the condensed version only after finding the teaser interesting. Hence, we suggest keeping it different and an extension of the teaser.
  • It is unnecessary to the writing flow to mention 'this paper.' Consider your summary as an independent article.
  • We have to interpret the paper for non-specialists or non-technical people. You should write the teaser and condensed version keeping in mind the industry people and non-technical persons interested in starting or expanding their business based on the particular technology.
  • Also, the person reading it should get a glimpse of the technology discussed in the research paper. But should not be a technical paper.
  • Please try to write small sentences and small paragraphs. Avoid repeated use of conjunctions such as and, as well as, but etc.
  • Mention the advantages, applications or uses of the sensors you are writing. Even if not mentioned in the paper, you can read about those sensors from authentic sources and mention them.
  • Abbreviations should be made clear the first time they are used in the article.
  • You should read and highlight or underline all salient points of the paper before you start writing your piece.
  • The flow in writing must not be compromised.
  • Plagiarism must be abstained even from the original paper. Whichever paper you are summarizing, you have to either form your own sentences or, at the most, you may paraphrase. You can't copy-paste sentences from the original papers.
  • Usually, it requires 3-4 iterations to finalize the summary.


Based on the above guidelines, I hope you will be able to submit a good article.


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